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11 Oct 2011
Big affairs in Hong Kong
Harbor Department of Health will the quickest release to reserve book and childbearing service certificate in next week, the not- local pregnant woman passes the beard produce to make to examine.The Hong Kong government lately statisticses, parents the non- harbor person's this harbor infant about 70% will settle down Hong Kong, 70% of the consideration comes from this harbor education system good,hong kong guide 60% of the 內 ground tall educational background to parents.

>>The harbor great occasion of nation Yan fire remits to play, Hao!
If great occasion of nation night has fun in Hong Kong, can early as possible go to the Victoria harbor Ba, starlight big way in Tsimshatsui and gulf Zi will the exhibition is the best to appreciate a point.At 9:00 p.m. on October 1, the Yan fire that costs hk$8,000,000 remits to play will at Victoria harbor sea surface up shoot 31888 total Yan fires, an among those styles also in the sky tee off "China 11"Cable Manufacturer certain context.

>>Harbor head apple store in the house expose
Have already started practice in IFC at 9:00 a.m. on September 24, the new store designs to adopt to look like Joe the cloth Si glass stairs of design, if iPhone 5 ability fulfill a wish release in October, the fruit powders can come to this and purchase by official price.

>>Free 《great report 》 street, charge report depreciate
The 6th Hong Kong free newspaper 《great report 》formal street,Hong Kong social media optimization declare 800,000 to noon parties over, 《Oriental Daily News 》and 《Sun Daily News 》depreciate 2 dollars on one's own initiative.Had the newspapers and magazines station the boss to say, charged newspaper to sell quantity although small slump, in great quantities make it a rule to a reader who see the characteristic contents, still keep choosing it.

>>The harbor jobless rate is 3.2%, 13 years had better
The main cause is to construct, the godown and conveyance assistance, dining serve, and the profession and company is used the unemployed circumstance improvement of service industry.The economist warns, if the Euro-American economic beginning of next year hasn't turned for the better,led lighting manufacturersHong Kong economy will decline at any time, jobless rate or above 5% for meeting rally to go to financial tidal wave.


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