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27 Sep 2011
Intelligent television carnival, remote control device is a keyboard instead of a
To provide more applications, and activate the software developers. To some extent, extent of application quantity and downloads become assessment intelligent television operating system of the two key indicators. Many enterprises are beginning to realize that the importance of App, and begin to build their own app store,LED Tube Light Manufacturer which is the earliest Samsung awakening and action to the fastest company. Samsung have not only created the world's first high-definition television platform based on the Samsung Apps app store, but it will be built the world's largest TV app store. Samsung Apps attractive is that it can offer a series of paid and free application (in the Chinese region free ), meet the needs of users in including sports, entertainment, information, including a variety of gaming and social demand. At present, Smart TV keyboard the Samsung Smart TV Apps in the global scope of application have been as many as 2000, Download quantity exceeds 2000000 times, a considerable size of the App Store is being formed, which once formed, will consolidate Samsung in TV manufacturing status.

App Store why is this magic? Because it will all elements mounted on a square lattice, as a result, the content provider is no longer in control of intelligent television is the dominant force, they must and other applications, competitive ranking prominently. To understand this, you will understand the well-known television program provider Google TV why banned jointly, but to develop App will show moved to Apple terminal. Nowadays, in Apple 's app store, TV executives have been developed for 112 App, the future that they might not be not the App improvement on Intelligent television. Apple will be 70% of App sales to developers, if intelligent television manufacturers to develop a reasonable distribution system, the program provider inevitable heart moving. You know, in the past, TV manufacturers almost never will share the program providers.
App is a sweet pastry, but only the interests driving force.

 To break the present intelligent television only thousands of applications of deadlock, television manufacturers to quickly identify new business model, so that the whole ecological chain can benefit.Google TV keyboardAlthough television profit is thin enough, but the application download this big cake is far did not form. However, Google 's open to television manufacturers bring convenience at the same time, but also to the software development staff caused some distress. Due to the TV screen size is much larger than the tablet PC, mobile phone, at the same time, in the man-machine interactive way and application scenarios, television and other terminal has very big difference, therefore, Android software developers must be tailored to the TV application specialized development. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different television brand, different size models of the demand, they must also develop, test N version. This will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of developers, Google is aware of this, it is planned for the Android3.0 version offers development tool, to allow software developers to quickly develop applications.

Whether it has huge application has become a measure of intelligent television success or failure of an important criterion, the traditional home appliances manufacturer, is not only a new opportunities, but also new challenges.


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